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Domain Extensions from Site Creator

The most common and popular TLD you'll come across on the internet. Used by businesses and individuals alike.

Initially created for non-profit organisations but now competes .com in popularity and can be used by everyone.

Created to cater to people that belong in the same circle of interest and provide opportunities for social media/customer service and brand building.

This extension was originally designed for networks but is now free for everyone.

The 5th most popular Generic Top-level Domain in 2019. Google treats .xyz domain just like .com.

Another Generic Top-level Domain belonging to the list of the most popular extensions choices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a domain?
Not only do we provide you with quality tools to create your first website, we also include a free domain name with our subscription plans. If you choose to sign up with us we will ask you for the domain you would like to register at the beginning of the process. We will check the domain’s availability and let you know if it is vacant to register or not. If the domain you want is already taken, we’ll give you available suggestions that are similar to what you had originally searched for. You can choose to register any of these domain suggestions and we’ll secure it for you for free for the first year.
How many domains can I have?
You can register an unlimited number of domains with us. You can register a new domain at any time through your Site Creator account by selecting the Domains section and searching your desired domain name. You can then manage this domain in your account and add it to your control panel as a parked domain if you’d like it to point to your website.
How do I choose my domain name?

There are 2 parts to decide on when choosing your domain name - the TLD and the actual name. The most common TLD to choose from is .com, but there is a wide variety such as .org .net .biz and even country TLDs. The thing to remember is that just because your chosen domain is available with a .biz TLD doesn’t mean that it will be available on a .com TLD. Remember that different TLDs will come with a different price tag!

Things to think about when choosing your actual domain name:

  • What is your website for? You may want your domain name to be related to what your website is for.
  • Being Unique - the more unique your domain name is, the more it will stand out!
  • Stay away from generic names - this won’t tell a potential visitor what you're site is for
The Difference Between Linking Your Domain and Transferring

When you purchase a domain name, it will be registered with a company known as a 'Registrar' for you to use it. A Registrar is basically the 'landlord' over your domain and is responsible for maintaining the registration rights. Registrars will provide you with access to a Domain Naming System or DNS; which will allow you to update records such as A records using IP addresses for hosting, and MX records for email.

As your domain can be pointed to any hosting provider of your choice, it is not always necessary to transfer your domain name if you chose to build your website elsewhere. Pointing a domain name by updating the IP address via an A record, is essentially giving your domain a way to be reached. When a user types out your domain name into a browser, their computer will find the IP associated with that domain, and “call” the site that's being hosted there.

What does DNS stand for?
The term DNS refers to the Domain Name System which maintains a worldwide directory of every domain in existence. When you type in a domain name such as, the DNS converts that domain name into an IP address so that a computer can understand it. This process saves us poor humans from having to remember IP addresses rather than domains. The matching of a domain name with an IP number illustrates why DNS is known as the phone book of the internet.

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